Perdika is literally a balcony above the sea, across the islet of Moni, from where someone can take a look at the sunset,
watching the sun setting in the sea.

From Aegina city begins the onshore road that leads south, towards the cove of Marathona. Three kilometers after the cove of Marathona, the road ends to the traditional fishing village of Perdika, which it is only 9 kilometers from the port of Aegina.

Perdika is an old traditional settlement, build around the port. In the old times its townfolks were occupied exclusively with fishing. Main characteristic of the settlement of Perdika is the small houses with their yards to connect with each other.

The one side of Perdika is cobbled-paved, above the sea. To the pedestrian precinct there are tavernas famous for their fresh fish, ouzeri, bar and coffee shops.

The pedestrian precinct continues with benches between trees, where anyone can admire the sunset, watching the sun vanishing in to the sea. Climb down the scecial rocky stairs for swimming into clear waters.

Swim to the beautiful, rocky beach of Perdika, next to the trees, open your umbrellas and dive to the sea, from the two wooden platforms. Perdika has got port for yachts to anchor and it consentrate many of them, because of its picturesque character.

To the cape of Perdika there is the church of Saint Sosti, which celebrates in the 7th of September. We then have a big festival and the people have fun with orchestras in all the tavernas.

During the Spring, the hills are full of nice smelling and colorful flowers. You can walk on the hill or next to the rocky beach along with the sea birds.

In the Summer everything change. The crystal-clear and clean sea, the swimming, the games on the beach, the fishing, the boats and the yachts.

Very close to Perdika there are the picturesque beaches of Klima and Sarpa and the small village of Sfentouri that today is a popular tourist place with interesting traditional elements.


The island of Moni is opposite of Perdika, 8 minutes by boat. There are no inhabitants, but only deer, wild goats and peacocks that come close to you, in order to feed them.

The beaches have deep, clear waters, suitable for underwater fishing.It's full of pine trees and it has a nice sandy beach as well as other places where you can go swimming, fishing, on a pic-nic and also hiking through the island.

If you have time, upon reaching Moni, you could go to the observatory and overlook the magnificent view towards the town of Aegina, Perdika, Methana and Poros island.


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